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Play Whatsapp voice notes and audio messages both online and offline, No download required.

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We do NOT collect or save your audio files, not now nor in the future.

How to play opus files offline without installing an app?

OpusPlayer.net is a PWA which is a type of application software delivered through the web you can read more about it Here, to play and open opus files offline on mobile or PC you simply need to add the application to your home screen, how to do add it you might ask, well usually when you first enter the web app you'll receive a notification to add it to your home screen but if you dismissed it just hit the three dots in the top or bottom right corner of your browser (depends on the browser) and then click "install Opus Player" or "Add to Home screen" and that's it just like that you can use our website online and offline as if it was an app you download from Playstore or App Store but without taking too much space.

How to play opus files online?

To play opus file or any other supported audio type e.g: m4a, oga, ogg, wav, etc... simply follow these steps:

  • Upload opus file (or any supported audio file) from your device for example:'/android/media/whatsapp/media/whatsapp Voice Notes', and choose the opus file you want to play.

  • Click play to start playing the audio on your mobile or PC

why use OpusPlayer.net?

We all wanted at some point to play an audio file where it's not supported by some mobile devices, like playing Whatsapp voice note outside the app, or just playing a song its type is unsupported such as .ogg, .opus, .flac etc... and it's not worth it to download an app and take too much space just to play the audio, we offer this website to help you with this issue. You can use our website as PWA(Progressive Web App) which means you can save it to your home screen and use it both online and offline.